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Did you say Polish Food Stores in Alabama? While you may have an easier time snagging a polish sausage at one of the local fairs or festivals, there are still a few old style bakeries around the state the claim to be “European”. Meaning you are just as likely to find German staples as much as any Polish delicacies. In a place that is more known for its “down home cooking style”, you may have to lean more on your whole food types of markets than it will be to find a Polish Food Market in Alabama to find your fixings. There is of course the other stand-by of online Polish Restaurants and many of them to choose from. You will find plenty of places to ship to you from all over the country. Another way to help you is contacting a Polish ethnic that can provide you with answers to where you may be able to locate a Polish Deli in Alabama within your locale. Please browse trough the list of recommended food stores and restaurants:

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Ranelli s Deli and Cafe More Info
Ranelli s Deli and Cafe Polish Sausage: Spicy Kielbasa, sauerkraut, dill pickles, and mustard- WOW!

Added 2009/05/10 | Updated 2009/07/23
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European Market Anastasia More Info
European Market Anastasia Our store is specializing in European Food & Delicacies. Opened in December 2005 by Olga Scroggins, the European Market offers North Alabama consumers authentic European food and delicacies. Products include a wide variety spices, tea, fine European chocolates and candy, fresh bread, drinks, pastas, European baby food, canned goods, coffee, pastries, meats and sausages

Added 2009/05/10 | Updated 2009/07/06
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