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I recently moved from Hamtramck, Michigan to Colorado. Hamtramck has one of the biggest polish communities in the country and I got used to several really good Polish delicacies. I was afraid I would never find a good Polish restaurant in Colorado that would be able to supply me with some of my most favorite Polish dishes. I really needed to find Polish food stores in Colorado to get my fix. After a bit of searching I found Polish food market that will ship Polish food right to my house. Polish Deli's in Colorado have everything a polish food aficionado could want. Homemade Pierogis, Kielbasa, cabbage rolls and more are available in the Polish grocery stores in Colorado. For a great food experience, consider trying some of the many polish delicacy’s available in Colorado. You won’t regret the wonderful and complex tastes of the polish delicacies I have come to know and love. Please browse trough the list of recommended food stores and restaurants:

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Taste European Deli Once we had a dream to have a business of our own. The idea that we had was a bakery. Now we are proud owners of Polish delicatessen store. On February 1, 2001 we have officially opened our doors as TASTE EUROPEAN DELI

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