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I grew up on ethnic Polish food, so finding Polish food stores in Indiana was pretty important to me. I wanted to be able to prepare all the comfort foods from my childhood and knew I couldn’t do it without Polish food market in Indiana. Luckily I was able to find a large selection of Polish restaurant's in Indiana by searching on the internet. Several of the stores carry a large line of important Polish canned goods, cheeses and meats and this made it possible for me to make all of the dishes from my childhood. To be sure, my Pierogis will never be as good as my Babcia’s (Polish Grandma), but the Polish food stores in Indiana are getting me pretty close to her perfect dishes. Traditional Polish food is rich and tasty. The old recipes are a little complicated but with the right ingredients from Polish Deli in Indiana, making these delicious dishes is easy. Please browse trough the list of recommended food stores and restaurants:

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Real homemade pierogi's, sausage etc, I hope you can come out and give us a try. I'm sure you will not be displeased!

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