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New York is such an ethnically diverse place finding Polish food stores in New York is a snap. The Polish food markets in New York are literally all over the place. I especially enjoy the variety in stores, restaurants and deli’s. I have discovered that each of the Polish Deli in New York has a specialty. Some have excellent sausages. Others carry fresh Pierogis. There are also several Polish Deli's in New York that specialize in fresh bakery items. Polish rye bread is an experience no one should forget. I even found a Polish Restaurant in New York that specializes in soup. I adore beet soup but never have the time to make it – it is great to be able to pick up a quart on my way home. Do not be afraid to try one of the many stores that sell polish
  food in New York. Please browse trough the list of recommended food stores and restaurants:

Polish Food Stores in Buffalo
Polish Food Stores in Glen Cove
Polish Food Stores in New York City

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Stage Restaurant More Info
Stage Restaurant For a taste of Polish comfort foods:pierogis, blintzes, stuffed cabbage-seat yourself on a stool at this counter-only eatery and order from its unique menu,

Added 2009/08/08
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European Delicatessen Polska Chata More Info
European Delicatessen Polska Chata From famous Polish pierogi and galabki to our great selection of sausages, we can easily say - there is something for everyone's taste. All our products are brought directly from New York City and Chicago every week.

Added 2009/05/28 | Updated 2009/07/23
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The Polish Deli More Info
The Polish  Deli  The Polish Deli Best in Town European Food Market At last…authentic homemade Polish Pierogi delivered to your door.

Added 2009/08/08
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Camellia Foods More Info
Camellia Foods The third generation Cichocki family continues to carry on the tradition of delivering quality sausages and hams to the Buffalo area.

Added 2009/08/08
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