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If you are looking for Polish food stores in Ohio, look no further than Krusinskiís finest Meat Products. This is a great Polish food store that is located in the heart of Clevelandís famous Slavic Village. This Polish Food Market makes their own kielbasa that is nicely spiced, beautifully smoked sausage, knockwurst, bratwurst and fresh Pierogis. For those of you that do not know, Pierogis are fresh dumplings that the Polish fill with potato, meat, cheese, sauerkraut or a combination of all of those ingredients. Anyone looking for Polish Deli in Ohio will be happy to find this one. This store has customers from all over the greater Cleveland area who flock to them for their excellent and fresh items. I recently discovered that many of the Pierogis served in Clevelandís restaurants come from here. This is one of the best Polish restaurant in Ohio. Please browse trough the list of recommended food stores and restaurants:

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