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As a caterer, I thought I had it all down pat. I am actually known for my ability to present ethnically diverse meals to my customers. From Thai to Indian, I have always prided myself on my diversity. And then I was asked to provide a full Polish meal for a customer’s anniversary. I did not even know where to find Polish food stores in Pennsylvania. None of my contacts had information on Polish Deli, so I had to go it on my own. I lucked out and found several. I traveled to each of the Polish food markets in Pennsylvania to sample their foodstuffs. What I found was a whole new world of culinary delights. I never new the wonderful and complex flavors of Polish food. The many Polish restaurants in Pennsylvania will now have a new customer for life. My client asked for the name of Polish Deli in Pennsylvania I used and I happily provided them. Please browse trough the list of recommended food stores and restaurants:

Polish Food Stores in Duryea
Polish Food Stores in McKees Rocks
Polish Food Stores in Mohnton
Polish Food Stores in Philadelphia
Polish Food Stores in Pittsburgh
Polish Food Stores in Shenandoah
Polish Food Stores in Waymart

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Krakus Polish Food Market PA More Info
Krakus Polish Food Market PA Krakus Market has been family owned and operated since 1987. We're currently the largest Polish supermarket in Northeast America, located in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Added 2009/09/01 | Updated 2010/02/07
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POLISH FARMERS Specializing in Polish Foods & Heirloom Polish Vegetable Plants

Added 2010/04/24 | Updated 2010/10/25
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Smoked polish meats PA More Info
Smoked polish meats PA In the old days the kielbasy was cherry-wood smoked in an 8x8 smoke shack down the street and the aroma would spread throughout the entire neighborhood.

Added 2009/09/01
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Polish Sausage and Deli Pennsylvania More Info
Polish Sausage and Deli Pennsylvania Lucky's Deli, kilebasa, smoked and fresh in Shenandoah PA

Added 2009/09/01
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Polish homemade food and pierogies PA More Info
Polish homemade food and pierogies PA Rosie's Pierogies in Pittsburgh PA offers the homemade ethnic food that is exactly what Grandma used to make. A full menu offers several varieties of pierogies. And, unique to Rosie's is the delicious Renogie that we're sure you'll order again and again!

Added 2009/09/01
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polish food pierogies More Info
polish food pierogies Pierogies Plus opened for business on June 5, 1991. The business is located in a renovated gas station on Island Avenue in McKees Rocks and is widely known throughout Pittsburgh

Added 2009/09/01
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Komenskys Food Market More Info
Komenskys Food Market The Best and Freshest Meats In Northeast PA

Added 2009/09/01
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Kacer home made sausage More Info
Kacer home made sausage Try our new snack sticks - cherry wood smoked, like slim jims, only ours have real meat in them!

Added 2009/09/01
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SD Polish Deli More Info
Polish Food Store - Deli Pittsburgh

Added 2009/08/30 | Updated 2010/06/29
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Alfred's Deli Plus More Info
Polish Food Store / Parcel Service to Europe

Added 2009/08/30 | Updated 2010/06/29
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