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Taste European Deli in Sheridan


Once we had a dream to have a business of our own. The idea that we had was a bakery. Now we are proud owners of Polish delicatessen store. On February 1, 2001 we have officially opened our doors as TASTE EUROPEAN DELI. Since then our popularity has grown and our happy costumers are enjoying home style cooked lunches and deli sandwiches. “ And this is where you TASTE the meat, not the bread.” Perishable products are flown in from Chicago’s finest meat producers on weekly basis for freshness. Non-perishable products are from Europe’s best importers. We only specialize in quality products. Our product line is based on quality and product flow.Some of them are:
Our perishable products: Stick sausage (kabanosy) Polish sausage Juniper berry smoked sausage (mysliwska) Juniiper sausage (jalowcowa) Polish ham sausage (szynkowa) Fresh polish sausage (biala surowa) Gypsy sausage (cyganska) Krakow sausage (krakowska parzona) Semidry Krakow (krakowska sucha) Country style sausage {wiejska) Tyrolska brand sausage Garlic sausage (czosnkowa) Kishka with beef blood (kiszka okragla) Pork winners (parowki wieprzowe) Cwaniak headcheese w/beef blood Country style headcheese Kretchmar ham (polska szynka) Butt sausage (baleron) Canadian style bacon (sopocka) Smoked hunter brand bacon – double smoked Cheese products: Farmer cheese. Pierogi with potato and cheese (Ruskie) Pierogi with kraut and mushroom.
Our Product Line:


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4389 S. Federal Blvd, Sheridan, Colorado, United States, 80110

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